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Secrets To Keeping Towels Hotel Soft

14th January 2021

With the current restrictions still in place, many of us can only dream of staying in a hotel. Hopefully these kinds of experiences are not too far away, but in the meantime, why not bring a little bit of hotel luxury home.

White, Soft, Fluffy Towels

One of the nicest things about staying in a hotel is those nice bright white, soft, fluffy towels. Ever wonder how hotels keep them so white and fluffy? A little TLC and you too can keep your towels in prime condition.

Read on to find out how with a little extra effort and know-how you can restore life into the towels you use at home.

Top 8 Towel Secrets From The Hospitality Industry

  1. Use Less Detergent

Towels feel stiff because they start to build up soapy residue. By using a little less detergent than suggested, your machine’s rinse cycle will have an easier time washing out those last bits of soap.

  1. Use Baking Soda

Add baking soda to your wash to help loosen up fibres and clean off any chemicals or grime, making your towels softer. Add about half a cup in addition to the recommended amount of detergent. As an added bonus, baking soda naturally eliminates musty odours that may have built up on the towel.

  1. Wash Regularly

Wash your towels after a few uses. Towels absorb a lot more than water. Dead skin cells and soap scum build up fast. Wash coloured towels with colour-safe bleach and warm water. For white towels, hot water and regular bleach will do.

  1. Wash Towels Alone

Additionally, you should wash bath towels separately from clothing. Towels produce lots of lint, need to be washed on a long, hot cycle (clothes don't need this), and can sometime harbour mould and mildew. Wash white towels separately from their colourful counterparts to avoid any dyes leaching onto the towels.

  1. Don’t Use Fabric Softeners

They offer the promise of the fluffiest towels in town, but they create a waxy build-up over time, which does some major damage to a towel's absorbency.

  1. Replace Fabric Softeners With Vinegar

Fabric softeners contain silicon that will make towels water repellent, so they won’t get as good a wash. Instead, soften your towels by using one cup of white vinegar about every six weeks; this will remove the soapy residue that makes towels feel rough, bringing back softness while restoring them to full absorbency. Simply run the towels through a regular washing cycle, then redo them using vinegar instead of soap.

  1. Shake Them Out

Keep towels fluffy and lint-free by giving them a quick shake when you pull them out of the washing machine. This extra step ensures the loops of the towels stay fluffed, keeping them absorbent.

  1. Go Easy On Tumble Drying

Heat from the tumble dryer can damage the fibres, so use a lower setting or alternate between air drying and tumble drying.

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